Shift Refresh was created in July 2008 by Ted Kulp as a way to put professional services behind the popular content management system, CMS Made Simple. Using years of web application development experience, he wanted to help take open source to the next level by offering the services that fall outside the realm of typical support from free software.


We develop cutting edge applications using the latest open source technologies. In addition, we support open source development as much as possible. Not only is Shift Refresh directly involved with the continued development of the CMS Made Simple system, we also professionally support it.

In addition, Shift Refresh is leading the charge on development the Silk Framework, a new PHP5 framework which will become the base of CMS Made Simple 2.0. Support for the framework will be forthcoming as well, after a formal release of the project.


By combining open source technologies with years of experience, we provide high levels of quality and service. We use a very hands-on approach with constant communication to make every project go smoothly.

Some of the technologies we use are:

Contact us today to see how we can further your development project or give you peace of mind for your existing CMS Made Simple deployment.